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A few testimonials...

It was a lovely service and no one had anything but praise. It was a gentle and thoughtful reflection on my father's life. We are all very grateful for your hard work and consider ourselves lucky that you were able to be with us on what must be one of the most difficult and saddest days in one's life. I hope that you will continue to bring the same comfort to others that brought to us.

Steve, Kingston

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful ceremony you did for dad. Everyone told us afterwards how beautiful the service was and how amazing you were! So thank you very much. 

Chloe, Hampton

Thank you Abby. We are all so pleased you were part of my brother’s ceremony... I can't express how much we really appreciate what you have done you really were the perfect person thank you so much

Claire, Kingston

Thanks for doing such an excellent job organising us all and everything else for the sad occasion. I really think it was just as **** would have wanted it.

John, Kent

I thought I should write to thank you formally for officiating on Friday.  Your contribution on the day, and on the build up was invaluable.Without exception, everybody afterwards made various comments about the service, all of which were complimentary, and all of which praised you for your compassionate and personal approach.

Martin ,Surbiton

I wanted to thank you for Friday, the service was just perfect I know M*****would have been really pleased you done a great job.It was lovely to have met you and don’t forget to keep up the good work, you are brilliant at it.

All the best and kindest regards B, P and the rest of our clan xxx

It was a great day indeed and a positive one.  Thank you so much for weaving it all together with your lovely words.  You did indeed capture my Mum's life and personality in what you said.  For someone who never met her, you were spot on! 
My Godfather, said it was the best funeral he'd ever been to and is keen to have you speak at his own!!  I will pass your details on to him - he' 90 this year, bless him!

Kate, Surbiton

I was nervous about arranging my stepfather's funeral as there were certain frictions within the family. I needn't have worried. With Abby at the helm, steering the event, it couldn't have been better. She provided support and advice when I needed it, as well as placing herself as the focal point of communication, so the event didn't feel biased in favour of any particular family members. The event was more healing and joyful than any of the family imagined possible.

Claire, South East London

We just wanted to say Thank you very much for your support in arranging the funeral. We found talking to you very helpful at a time when we were in shock and totally devastated by what had happened. You achieved the impossible as far as we are concerned, being able to achieve a balance of empathy, sympathy , structured advice and thoughtful direction in a way that helped us get through our emotional turmoil. Our family is extremely grateful for your efforts  and the work you put into the service. The content and delivery was excellent just as we had hoped and many people have remarked that it was a beautiful service, which we ourselves think he would have liked. Our sincere thanks. 

Alison, Shepperton

We could not have had anyone more perfect than you for the ceremony it had a natural flow which you created accompanied by a wonderfully colourful cast....... I have spoken to a few people since and this form of Ceremony seems to take the fear away and somehow, it was inspiring..... strange word to be using under the circumstances. Thank you once again.

Alex, Shepherd's Bush

Abby, you were fabulous. Thank you SO much for pulling it all together on
your side. It truly was a wonderful ceremony and I think everyone was left
a little speechless afterwards. Dad¹s special and totally unique spirit
really came across, through the words and the music and everyone there. He
would have loved the arrival of the hearse, his coffin carried into the
chapel by close friends and family accompanied by Verdi - he always loved
to make an entrance :)

Eliza, Surbiton

Hi Abby, thanks again for a lovely service, everyone commented on how well it was all put together, with a beautifully written tribute, it definitely captured her essence. As you say, a life well lived...

Sincere thanks again from us both,

S&F, Kingston

I would like to thank you for the way you conducted dad's service. Everyone I spoke to on the day or since have all said what a wonderful service it was. Dad would have appreciated it.
Once again, thank you.

Mick, Kingston

Thank you Abby for everything you done, the eulogy, the introduction and of course the lovely order of service you put together. She will have been very happy to see it.

Tina, Merton

Hi Abby, I have only just left Dad's wake but I wanted to write immediately to thank you for the amazing job you did today. I will call you tomorrow to personally express my thanks.

Simon, Hampton Hill

Abby, the funeral ceremony and the write up you did about --- were amazing. I was completely taken aback.  Several neighbours have come up to me and said how moved they were by the service and the whole experience.They felt they knew ---- even more because of it.
Thanking you once again for everything that you did, to make a difficult time for me so much easier.

Alan, Teddington

Thank you Abby, it was truly wonderful, everyone commented on how lovely the service was. Mum would have been proud of her send off. Thank you so much again, we will keep your details for the future. X

Katie, Molesey