Civil Funeral Celebrant
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What Do I Do?
Help structure the funeral – offer ideas for music, readings and poetry – write the tribute  - discuss ways of making the funeral totally personal – answer any questions or concerns you might have about the funeral – deliver the funeral on the day.

How Does It Work?
Once we are in touch with each other, I will arrange a time to visit you. During this visit, we will spend as much time as is necessary planning the kind of funeral ceremony that you would like. I will offer ideas for music, readings, poems or songs and after receiving an in depth picture of the life of the person who has died, I will, working together with you, write and deliver a truly personal ceremony.

This is one way it can work. It might be that you wish to lead the entire ceremony yourself including writing and delivering the tribute. In this case, I will simply facilitate the service and be on hand if you need me. It is entirely your choice. I am here to help you do whatever you wish to do.
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